Birchmere High Yield Fund Launches

Good day, all.  Just a brief note to officially announce that Birchmere High Yield Fund LP has formally launched.  We’ve privately raised a seven-figure amount to get the fund off the ground, and should be able to start reporting performance figures to our private investors at the close of either September or October.  (Of course, please note that this announcement isn’t a solicitation to attract investors to the fund.  I’m basically required to say that.)

It’s been a pleasure watching closely as the industry has evolved over the past several years – now to the point where many institutions can deploy significant capital in the consumer credit markets.  This was and continues to be a primary goal of Birchmere Advisors – to locate attractive high-yield investment opportunities and package them in a way that makes sense for investors, providing access to assets that may be otherwise difficult to hold in an investment portfolio.  We’re very pleased to be at the point where this – democratizing passive income for our investors – is a reality.

Stay tuned for further evolutions of how we’ll seek to productize this asset class – we’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg.  We’re diligently working to consider how to best distribute the attractive characteristics of consumer credit to income-seeking investors.  As always, your input, suggestions, and questions are welcome – just shoot me an email.  In the meantime, I’ll be focused on building a great base of assets to anchor Birchmere’s newest fund.